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Chiefmar Separators range

Chiefmar srl doesn’t concieve the quality as an idea or a thing as another; on the contrary, as the product of series of concrete and responsible actions that have as main targets:


Chiefmar srl delivers spare parts for the whole range of Alfa Laval purifiers and separators:

Series P.PA.PU
P/PA/PU 100-150
P/PA/PU 600-605-610-615-626-636
Series S.SA.SU
S/SA/SU 811-815-816
S/SA/SU 805-820-821-825-826-200-921-926-927-928
S/SA/SU 830-831-835-836-300-936-937-938
S/SA/SU 840-841-845-846-400-946-947-948
S/SA/SU 850-851-855-856-500-956-957-958
S/SA/SU 860-861-865-866-600-966-967-968
S/SA/SU 870-871-875-876-700-976-977-978
S/SA/SU 880-881-885-886-800-986-987-988
Old Series
MAB 103-104-204-205-206-207-209
MIB 303
MMB 203-304-305
MFPX 307
MAPX 204-205-207-209-210-309-313
MMPX 303-304-403-404
FOPX 605-607-609-610-611-613-614
LOPX 705-707-709-710-713-714
WHPX 405-407-409-410-413-505-507-508-510-513

For all above mentioned separators are available intermediate and major service kits.

Chiefmar srl stocks in its warehouse more than 3000 items, which can be despatched to any destination under a very short notice.
Normally we advise notice of readiness for shipment, two hours later the receipt of order confirmation

More info:
+39 010 8360219

More info:
+39 010 8360219

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