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Easypack – download
Eco-lashing for your spares: fully recycled, fully recyclable

Logostil – download
Your packages are sealed by Chiefmar using paper gummed rolls instead of plastic tape. This is fully recyclable, produced in Europe, for the life of our Planet.

Progest – download
Recyclable paper for our boxes. Eco friendly orders!

Ugolotti – download
We choose wood from sustainable forests. Make your choice, stay with us.

Rajapack – download

Impa | act – download

ISO 9001 – download


The origin of the word “Quality” is derived from the Latin “Qualitas”. In Chiefmar, quality has been the base of our success for almost 4 decades.

However, in the real world, sometimes it is necessary to prove in more scientific terms and facts that the quality of our products cannot be challenged.
This helps to both reassure the users of our spare parts (our customers) and ourselves that we can safely recommend these to potential clients.
Chiefmar is the first and only company producing spare parts to publish independent test results, where its products have been compared with the same from the original maker in terms of quality. Attached you can read the results of the intensive analyses performed over the years. The first report compares key spare parts from older purifier models. The second deals with comparative tests for the more modern separator types. As you will read, tests were performed on the more expensive and precision machined metal parts and others on the polymer-based consumable parts used for regular services. In all cases, the conclusions are that Chiefmar compares very closely to the original makers products. Therefore, Chiefmar parts are not only safe and secure to use, but they offer value for money!

Please take time to read the reports and do not hesitate to give any comments about the results or indeed ask about using Chiefmar products in the future.
Chiefmar is focused on maintaining quality at the highest level.

Marco Spandri

Comparative study and evaluation of spare parts for separators in naval applicationdownload

Comparative study of spare parts materials for separators and fresh water generatorsdownload

Comparative tests of spare polymeric parts for separators used for naval applicationsdownload

More info:
+39 010 8360219

More info:
+39 010 8360219

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